Company Qualifications

The company manufactures aluminum solar profiles, middle and end clamps using extrusion technology and a wide range of mechanical processes. It develops design products that meet customers' requirements. ALUGZA mainly designs and sells solar mounting accessories and various aluminum products. Our various solar aluminum profiles, solar clamps, grounded middle and end clamps and other various products are favored and useful in European solar markets. The middle and end clamps for solar mounting are manufactured to international standards and are high quality anodized or blank products. Aluminum solar products have high tensile strength and excellent anti-corrosion properties.

These end clamps are designed for framed solar panels, the height and length can be designed in different standards. The aluminum solar clamps have a grounding option through the mounted operating surface on the clamps. The grounding clamps are very unique products as they reduce grounding costs for solar systems. Our aluminum solar clamps are suitable for installing roof or ground solar systems.

ALUGZA has an integrated mechanical machining center. In strict accordance with the technical drawings of the products, our state-of-the-art machines carry out CNC machining, precision cutting, cutting (precision angular and straight cutting), countersinking, tapping, stamping and grinding, milling, drilling and flow drilling, bending and assembly processes, deburring, length completion with very precise tolerances applied to the profiles. The connection with screws and nuts, etc.) and bending work are carried out quickly and with high quality.

ALUGZA's color anodizing line, located in the integrated plants where ALUGZA has expanded its capacities, can anodize up to 20 microns. The products are coated in all RAL colors using an electrostatic powder coating process.
Die Produkte werden durch ein elektrostatisches Pulverbeschichtungsverfahren in allen RAL-Farben beschichtet.